Back to School Jitters

My daughter goes back to school tomorrow. It's a new school in a new neighborhood and we know no one. Jitters abound... Will the teacher be a good fit? Will we figure out how to make it to school on time? Will we all make nice new friends?
All of these questions contribute to the back to school jitters. But for me, back to school gives me pause. It serves as a reminder that time is flying. Whizzing.

How is it possible that my daughter is already in first grade? Am I doing right by her? How is she turning out?
The daily grind often gets in the way of these questions - until that moment you send your kid on the school bus for the first time, or drop her off in a new classroom, and watch her with that enthusiastic smile that reminds you of everything lovely and right about the world.
Frankly, for me one of the biggest challenges on the first day of school is figuring out how to hold back the waterworks until I exit the building.

So today I'm thinking about my gal who casually sauntered into her twos program four years ago all chubby cheeked and smiley. And that same gal with her lady bug raincoat on the rainy first day of kindergarten last year - same smile, different cheeks.
Looking forward to tomorrow...