Off to First Grade!

This morning we escorted my big gal to first grade. I'm happy to report there were no tears, we got there on time and the teacher seems like a nice guy.  


I remember my first grade teacher - Mrs. DeVylder. She had banana yellow hair  with dark brown eyebrows and her favorite color was bright yellow. She wore zinc pink lipstick and it seemed to stay on her lips all day long. That always amazed me. That year we had a mixed age classroom with second graders. And that's all I really remember. Everything else about first grade is a complete blur. 

This morning, I had just finished making my daughter's sandwich when she came into the kitchen and said "Mom, I didn't want a soy nut butter and jam sandwich. It was supposed to be a soy nut butter with banana and honey."  And so I was busted. I was up late watching the convention and then the post convention commentary and before I knew it, it was after midnight. "It's okay, Mom," she added. "Give that to Remy, he likes it. I'll have what I ordered in my LaLa Lunchbox." 

Okay. No big deal. And now I'm prepared for my little guy's lunch, hours ahead of schedule!

Not long now until the end of the day. Can't wait to hear the details!