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LaLa Lunchbox Blog

The Green Thumb and The Brown Thumb Collaborate


My daughter has a green thumb. She gets it from my husband. Lucky them! I'm cursed with a brown thumb.

This past weekend, the two of them picked up some new herbs to grow on the windowsill, among them were mint and Thai basil. YUM. Frankly I'm happy that I can cook with the herbs but I'm not responsible for keeping them alive.

I was browsing through Dinner: A Love Story and came across this post and felt inspired. (Thank you, Jenny!)  So, my little Green Thumb and I set to work. We picked, washed and chopped fresh mint and basil while wheat berries were cooking on the stove. We also chopped a half of a shallot (actually that was my job... she opted out of that one, proclaiming it too smelly.) Once the wheat berries were finished we combined everything with the juice of one lime, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and some sea salt. Easy, quick, healthy. Delish.