Adding Foods to Your LaLa Lunchbox Food Library

The LaLa Lunchbox Food Library has loads of fruits, veggies, proteins and snacks already loaded from the start. That said, if your hungry little monsters have favorites that aren't on the app already or if you'd like to make other changes, we've made it really simple for you. 

Here's how: 

Press the Settings button (circled in red below) on the home screen. Click on "Add Food" to reveal the screen on the right below. Use a photo from your iPhone library or take a photo with your iPhone camera. Type in the name of the new food and select a category. That's it! 

Adding new foods is easy!  

Adding new foods is easy!  

We followed these easy steps to add the Weelicious Lunches recipes to our LaLa Lunchbox Food Library. It's a great way to keep ideas fresh and fun for your kiddos. If you have ideas for recipes or foods that you think are a MUST have for the Food Library, we'd love to hear about it! Email your thoughts to: