LaLa Lunchbox is the best-selling meal planning app designed specifically for kids and families. It's a fun and educational experience that empowers kids to make healthy choices. Using LaLa Lunchbox helps families save money and time, and waste less food. For parents, LaLa Lunchbox magically transforms kids’ choices into a simple, handy grocery list. 

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The Tastemakers

"A slick, fun little app that helps parents and children plan meals together."
The New York Times

"LaLa Lunchbox makes the dreaded school lunch duties a little bit easier. With this handy app your kids get involved in their lunch and may even get excited about eating healthier." 
The Washington Post

"This super handy resource helps you come up with ideas and keep track of lunch-packing for your brood."
Cool Mom Tech

"Raise your hand if you need a little lunchbox inspiration? LaLa Lunchbox can help."

"LaLa Lunchbox can be just what your picky eater needs to develop a healthy lifestyle."

"With LaLa Lunchbox, you can take a deep breath and know that help is an app away."

"It helps kids get involved in their lunch planning and emphasizes healthy foods like fruits and veggies by giving them a kid-friendly animated touch."
USA Today

"This is such a cute app that helps make packing lunches fun for little ones and easier for parents... Plus the choices are completely customizable by you - now how smart is that?!"
100 Days of Real Food

"She’ll enjoy playing with this app and feeling in control over what goes in her lunchbox."
Tina Roth Eisenberg,

"A deliciously simple way to pack a balanced meal." DailyCandy

"The app is very engaging... Given all kids love affair with iPhones, it seems a no brainer way to get them engaged with lunch planning."
Sarah Lacy, PandoDaily

Featured by Yum-O
Rachael Ray's Kid-and-Food Nonprofit

"Impressed with new app for nutritious school lunches. Kids will be excited to choose their foods."
Maye Musk, Registered Dietician

"With the different colors and cute monsters, children are learning how to make healthy choices all while helping you cut down the time you spend packing lunches."
Tribeca Pediatrics

"I think this lunch packing app has the potential to change your life as you know it."
Jenny Rosenstrach, Dinner: A Love Story

"The iPhone app LaLa Breakfast ingeniously pulls your kids into the process by turning meal planning into a game." 
Cool Mom Tech

"If you have kids who are picky eaters, go download... LaLa Lunchbox on iTunes."
Kaitlin Olson, star of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

La La Lunchbox is an engaging and educational app—just what I like as a mom and food and nutrition expert. My children assemble their lunches, talk about the foods they are choosing with me and each other at the same time thinking that they are playing a "video game". It is a great tool for the good eater and the picky eater.
Stefanie Sacks, Culinary Nutritionist

Parenting Magazine,  12 Genius Ideas , February 2013

Parenting Magazine, 12 Genius Ideas, February 2013

"This is one of those apps that will have you thinking, “What a great idea!” The concept is clever and the developers have done an amazing job putting it all together."

Our Customers

"This might be the most brilliant concept EVER." -Wendy

"I love that my kids get excited to open and 'play' with the app. Lunch satisfaction at our home has grown because of la la lunch box." - Sonya

"Not only does it make lunch preparation easier but by empowering your kids to pick their lunch in a fun way they are more inclined to select foods outside of their staple mac & cheese and chicken nugget diet." - Keith

"Coolest App of 2012!" -Khadijah Britton

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