Working Kids and Customer Feedback

I had my first small business at the age of eleven. My mom let me and my friend Dana make our own lemonade (from real lemons) and open up stand down the road from the house where I grew up. 

After that there was a hamster breeding business (I learned a whole lot about life from that one) and a jeans-with-patches business and a jewelry making business and a fimo clay housewares business. 

Each of them has been great fun and each of them has been an outgrowth of a personal interest. I still have the labels that I had made for Gillian's Gems and my sweet mom still has some of the necklaces and the Fimo clay salt and pepper shaker set, among others. 

My parents always encouraged this type of entrepreneurial activity. There were fabulous lessons to be learned from each of them: a lemonade stand that's more visible sells more product; always separate the dad hamster from the newborns; don't spend more on beads than you can charge for a necklace; the list goes on. But the best thing about each adventure was understanding how customer feedback helps businesses of all kinds improve. 

  • The lemonade was too tart. We sweetened it. 
  • The pet store couldn't handle buying more baby hamsters, so I separated the mom and dad for a while. 

Today with LaLa Lunchbox, customer feedback is fueling future updates and version releases. I welcome any and all feedback and criticism to help improve the product. And so I would love to open the forum for discussion  either publicly here in the comments section or privately via

What do you want to see in future releases of LaLa Lunchbox? What are some things you like about version 1.0? What do you wish was different? 

Thank you in advance!