What do you love? Do your kids know?

I came across this question on Twitter earlier this week: if you could describe your mom in one word, what would it be? Admittedly, I couldn't do it. But it got me thinking about other things that I could articulate about who my mom is as a person, in addition to being my mom. Do I know about the things she loves? Where she finds joy? And what about me? Do my kids know about what I love outside of being their mom? 

 My mom, doing one of the things she loves best! 

My mom, doing one of the things she loves best! 

As moms (and I suspect dads are no different), we are focused on our children's happiness and their health and their ability to navigate the world with grace and fortitude, of course. But as humans, we long to be connected and understood. My kids may know that I love to exercise, as one example, and at this stage in the game, they don't need to understand all of the reasons why. I'm happy to continue to show them that I have interests beyond my work and my parenting. My hope is that over time, knowing about their mom and dad's outside pleasures will help them learn the importance of developing interests and hobbies of their own and understanding that people (adults and kids alike) are complex with needs and hopes and wants and individual lives.

My mom loves history and politics. She loves the Impressionists and the color green. She likes to plan vacations and it makes her incredibly happy to cook for hours. She doesn't like to swim or talk on the phone and she takes great pride in her green thumb. My mom is strong and fit; she has been known to make whipped cream from scratch at the same pace as a hand mixer. 

Do your kids know about what you love? This Mother's Day, make part of your day about letting them in on these gems that make you a wonderful, celebrated individual.