Here's how we Rock The Lunch Box

packed lunch
Applegate and Rudis - a perfect combo!

School lunch is part of the national conversation. Whether it's about hot lunch provided by schools or how to stay sane and pack lunches from home, the midday meal for kids is a hot topic. It's definitely a challenge to routinely provide a healthy lunch for kids without going nuts or spending hours in the kitchen. 

Annie's Grahams for an after school snack

My #1 lunch-related goal is to provide a healthful, balanced, delicious lunch for my kids without losing the balance in my life. It sounds like a tall order but it doesn't have to be. I've found tips and strategies that have helped me immensely, as well as delicious products from brands that I trust to help me in this healthy lunch-packing journey. Our partner, Rock The Lunch Box is on a similar mission: to make it easier to build a better lunchbox. The folks behind Rock The Lunch Box (Annie'sApplegateHonest Kids and Rudi's Organic Bakery) make products that I feel confident buying for my own family and as such, I'm proud to feature them on LaLa Lunchbox

Honest Kids Tea

My kids are crazy about Annie's Cinnamon Grahams; I love that there are no unpronounceable ingredients and frequently find myself reaching for them as a sweet treat. My kids love Applegate meats and cheeses; I love that there are no hormones, antibiotics or weird ingredients. My family swears by Rudi's Colorado Cracked Wheat bread; I love that it has no HFCS and 2 g of fiber per slice. And though we're mostly a water and seltzer family, the kids go bonkers when I buy a box of Honest Kids Tea. My eldest told me recently that in order to "make it fair," I should buy three boxes of Honest Kids because that's 24 juices, which would be 8 juices per kid. Good math, kid. Game on. 

Rock The Lunch Box products make it easier and faster for me to pack a balanced, healthful lunch. Plus their website is full of ideas and inspiration and adorable print outs. Did I mention the coupons

How do you Rock The Lunch Box? Let us know!