The morning rush with kids can be a drag. Sometimes the hurdle is getting the kids dressed ("But Mom! Why do I have to get out of my pajamas now?") and sometimes it's breakfast ("What do you mean there isn't time for pancakes?") and other times it's about time in general ("How can it be time to clean up? I JUST started playing!"). 

In our house, the last thing we have time for is an argument about what to pack for lunch. That's why my daughter chooses lunch in advance. Every morning, I breathe a sigh of relief once we get past the "what's for breakfast" conversation. All I have to do is look to see what she has chosen for that day's lunch and pack it. No questions, no arguments, no fuss.

Every weekend, my daughter picks out what she wants me to pack in her lunchbox for the coming week. Every lunch has a fruit, a vegetable, a protein and a snack. I take that list with me to the grocery store and buy what she has "ordered." She is psyched to have ownership of her lunch choices. I'm happy to oblige. Her lunchbox usually comes back at the end of the day empty. That's great news for me because come on, it's gross cleaning up after a mostly uneaten sandwich that's been sitting around for 8 hours. 

Sound good? There's an app for that!

Welcome to LaLa Lunchbox! Soon you can avoid the morning "what's for lunch" drama too. Your children will be able to pick out their lunches and fling them into a personalized virtual lunchbox. Bam! And those choices will be magically transformed into an easy to use grocery list for you.  Stay tuned...