Version 2 is here!


You spoke, we listened.

The number one feature request after LaLa Lunchbox launched this May was to be able to access the same account via multiple devices.


Just yesterday, my daughter planned her lunches for the week using my iPhone. My husband pressed 'sync' on his iPhone and tada! The grocery list was there on his device for him to see and take shopping. Easy peasy. Even the Peeled Much-Ado-About-Mango snack that I recently added appeared on his list. 

Share and sync lunchboxes with multiple iOS devices

Share and sync lunchboxes with multiple iOS devices

Here's what else is new on V2

Save any meal as a favorite and use favorites for any meal. Besides saving and accessing your own favorites, you can access the favorites of other lunchboxes on the account. So for example, if my daughter wants to see (and pack) a meal that my son is into these days, she can. 

Change the minimum & maximum items allowed in your lunchbox. Now you can have as little as two and as many as eight items in a lunchbox. 

Login via Twitter, Facebook, or LaLa account. Of course, you don't have to log in at all. But if you want to sync with another device, we've made it super easy by giving you three ways to log in. 

Other cool stuff: Version 2 has improved iPad compatibility, UI enhancements and bug fixes. 

We are absolutely thrilled for the release of V2! The school year is still new and there's loads of lunches left to pack. Enormous thanks from our family to yours for your support and enthusiasm for LaLa Lunchbox these last 5 months. Please help to spread the word about LaLa Lunchbox and please keep the feedback coming! It's thanks to you that we're able to continue to make improvements and updates. Happy lunching! 

Save any meal as a favorite

Save any meal as a favorite