How About Two Apples a Day?

apple picking

My 9 year old is an apple fiend. Since the earliest of days, it's been her go-to fruit. She's definitely a summer-loving kid but fall is her season. She drinks in the scenery, plays in the leaves, starts talking about Halloween in August and consumes her body weight in apples.  

There are other fruits that she likes and happily eats, like grapes and mango and oranges. She's been known to go on strawberry and cantaloupe kicks in the summertime. But apples are always the chart topper, year-round. Apple picking is the highlight of September, and she has been known to eat four (or more!) apples during the process. Apple season even gets her in the cooking mood, and she loves to make Apple Coffee Cake for the family. Woo hoo! 

two apples a day
meal planning with apples

She chooses apple for her lunch most days. Sometimes, she selects apple twice for her lunch – indicating that she wants no other produce. Im okay with this.  If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, how about two apples? Apples have a lot going for them, health-wise, and they're delicious too. Here's the thing: I'd love it if my three kids ate the rainbow every day, all day, but I also respect the fact that this kid loves her apples, and I'm okay with where we are now. 

Here are three of our favorite apple recipes (and these can easily be made with pears too)... what are yours? 
Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
Apple Brown Betty