The Gardener


I've said it before - I have a brown thumb. Luckily I've got two green thumbs in my family: my husband and my older daughter.  


My daughter has been a flower aficionado since the earliest days. Beyond the usual child-flower-picking phases, she has always enjoyed exploring the vast differences between and among flowers and plants, and their supporting habitats with a sense of detail, urgency and tenderness that I have enormous respect for. She has collected thousands of bouquets over the years and has developed her own artistic sensibility for what goes where and why. 


My mom discovered a book called The Gardener, by Sarah Stewart. It's a beautiful story set in the 30's about a girl named Lydia Grace whose parents are out of work and facing Depression-era hardship and send her to live with her gloomy uncle. Despite how it sounds, this is a story of hope and patience, dedication and fortitude. And it's not just for children.

Lydia Grace is an admirable character whose green thumb and positivity help her and all those around her get through tough times. This book reminds me of my daughter in a way that gets me all choked up with pride. This past weekend, we bought strawberry plants and I can't wait to see the way our own little Gardener works her magic on them.