The Forgotten Lunch

It happened. 

I forgot my son's lunch today. Okay fine, I had, in fact, placed his lunchbox inside of his backpack and he forgot to take the entire backpack. He's only 3 years old so I'm still ultimately responsible for these kinds of things. But his school is not close to home and going home to retrieve that lunch would interfere with my one year old daughter's nap and affect the schedule for my work day - not good on both counts. There had to be a better way. 

 image courtesy of Maple Hill Creamery

image courtesy of Maple Hill Creamery

I still had time left on my parking meter so I popped in to the deli closest to my son's school. Yes! They carry Maple Hill Creamery yogurts, which my son happens to love. I love that the yogurts are made with organic whole milk and according to their website "every drop of milk used to make our yogurt is from 100% grass-fed cows." Maple Hill creamery does not add thickeners, stabilizers or preservatives and it is GMO-free. All things that I can enthusiastically get behind. My son can't seem to get enough yogurt and fruit these days (I'm not complaining) so I bought two (maple and vanilla), a banana and a mango Stretch Island fruit leather. At checkout, I requested a pen and wrote his name on the brown bag, ran back to his classroom, placed it in his cubby and made it back to the car with one minute to spare on the meter. Phew. 

It's good to remember that sometimes we have to roll with Plan B. 



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