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Peeled Snacks - A Delicious New Addition to the LaLa Lunchbox Food Library!

LaLa Lunchbox has partnered with Peeled Snacks and now, you and your hungry little monsters can easily add their delicious, wholesome products into your lunchboxes every week!

I've been singing the praises of Peeled Snacks since I discovered them. And here's something to sing about: Peeled Snacks makes "gently dried fruit" with no refined sugars, no preservatives, no added oils -- TOTALLY up my alley. My kids are crazy for these too and we have bags stashed in the car and the pantry all the time. 

Peeled Snacks products are now part of the LaLa Lunchbox Food Library!

Peeled Snacks products are now part of the LaLa Lunchbox Food Library!

The products quickly became a staple in my home. Then I started seeing them everywhere I looked - at all of my favorite grocery stores, at Starbucks and even at Duane Reade. There's one in particular, Much Ado About Mango (dried mango) that we have to buy in bulk from Amazon because everyone in my family (everyone with teeth, that is), gobbles it up. We manually added it to our LaLa Lunchbox food library many months ago and Peeled Snacks became a regular feature in my daughter's lunchbox.

Today I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Peeled Snacks so that families can now choose their products as part of a healthy lunch using LaLa Lunchbox. Noha Waibsnaider, Founder and CEO of Peeled Snacks says she "founded the company to fill a critical void in the snack market and offer organic fruit snacks that are delicious, naturally nutritious and healthy. I believe people should have healthy options that are made of real food and are available within their lifestyle.” That's something we can all get behind.

I'm proud to welcome Peeled Snacks into the LaLa Lunchbox family to help raise a generation of informed, empowered, healthy kids.

* Current LaLa Lunchbox users can access these new Food Library products by updating the app on the App Store.