Spinning tops, Kaleidoscopes and Wummelbox oh my!

We received a Wummelbox in the mail last week. Wummelbox! How fun is that name? My daughter had a grand ol' time saying "wummelbox" over and over to her own little jaunty tune. And when her cousin came over to play this past weekend, they opened up the Wummelbox to check out what was inside. (Psst! Coupon for LaLa Lunchbox readers below)


Three craft projects! Plus a pair of kid friendly scissors and a box of crayons. Wummelbox was off to a good start. So what is a Wummelbox anyway? It's a monthly arts and crafts subscription designed for 3-7 year olds. The Wummelbox team sources their materials from Germany and Europe, according to their website and I've been told that their goal is to use naturally sourced materials as much as possible with as little plastic as possible. In full disclosure, I was sent a Wummelbox to test out and had agreed to review the product only if my kids enjoyed it. 


Back to the box - the first project was a spinning top.  The kids drew on paper cut to fit the top and screamed with delight to see how their designs and colors appeared when the top was in motion. Even my sister got in on the action and created a design of her own. Beyond the fun of designing, the kids loved spinning the top and seeing whose lasted longest, whose was brightest, whose traveled farthest, etc. This was a fun project! 

The next project was creating a kaleidoscope. This was full of promise, complete with sparkly goodness. Left to their own devices, with my daughter and niece reading the instructions and executing by themselves, this didn't go as smoothly as the first project but it was because my daughter had accidentally inserted a part backwards. Once that got straightened out, excitement abounded.

The Wummelbox materials were sturdy, the kids were entertained and proud of their work. Best of all, they are looking forward to creating the third and final project in the Wummelbox this coming weekend: the wind catcher. Based on our own experiences, I'd recommend Wummelbox to anyone whose kids enjoy crafting. It was a lovely way to spend the morning.  

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