Pinkalicious Hummus

My son is crazy about Pinkalicious these days. The book used to belong to my daughter but she's not into Pinkalicious anymore and has moved it to his book shelf to make room for her Ramona Quimby and Super Fudge books. 
And I'm not sure when it happened but pink is no longer her favorite color either – it's aquamarine. Nevertheless, today I packed pink hummus in her lunch. She loves hummus and requested it for today using LaLa Lunchbox. She'll get a kick out of seeing pink hummus (unless, of course, she gets weirded out by the whole thing and leaves it over completely, which would be a shame). Truth be told, I made the pink hummus as an experiment - I came upon a recipe for roasted beet hummus and wondered how it would taste if made with raw beets instead. Verdict: yum. Check out this lunch! Hummus with carrots, celery and whole wheat pita; clementines and homemade banana bread (dairy free!) 

Lunch packed with Pinkalicious Hummus in our EasyLunchboxes container

Lunch packed with Pinkalicious Hummus in our EasyLunchboxes container

I'm going to officially dub it "Pinkalicious Hummus" and see if the name and the color will persuade my son to give hummus another try. Yeah, that's right, I admitted it. Keep your fingers crossed - he is not a dip-loving guy. It can be stressful when one child likes a food that another does not but I'm a strong believer in continued exposure to foods and have seen with my daughter that tastes and preferences really do change over time. 

Pinkalicious Hummus
1 can of chick peas, drained (keep some of the liquid for possibly thinning out hummus) 
1/2 raw beet, peeled and cut into chunks
juice of one Meyer lemon
1 clove of garlic
1 T olive oil
3 T tahini
salt to taste

Place all ingredients together in either a food processor or a container that can be used with a stick blender. Puree until it reaches desired texture. If it's too thick, you can add a tablespoon at a time of the reserved chick pea liquid.