I'm going to put this right out there: my kids are blessed with good health. I was sick a lot as a kid and becoming a mom and being a mom has, at times, been frought with worry for me because of that. I am completely and utterly relieved that my kids have not had health issues like I experienced as a kid. 

So tonight when my son complained of a stomach ache, I suspected gas and went through my repertoire of gas-relieving techniques. When he was doubled over in pain and complaining of chest pain and wailing for 20 minutes though, I felt a bit of panic. I called the doctor. It was after regular business hours and so we were directed to the ER. The ER is never a place you want to go if you can avoid it and while my gut still felt this was some kind of bad case of gas, my heart panicked a little.  

Here's the bottom line: it was gas. My boy is totally fine.  


He was feeling better before we even got to triage, thankfully. I'm sharing this story because I feel so incredibly fortunate, again, for the miracle and the delight of my kids and I'm also so grateful for the men and women who dedicate their lives to emergency medicine, and to my amazing babysitter who held down the fort at home with  my other two kiddos. The nurses and doctors at Cornell had my sweet little guy smiling and put my mind at ease almost immediately. Thank you, thank you.