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LaLa Lunchbox Blog

On the Go? My kids love ProBugs and apricots


It's funny how the hot weather always takes me by surprise. I dream about it on those chilly, overcast days in April and then suddenly it arrives with a bang.

Bring on the sunscreen. Whether we're out biking or walking or playing or running errands, I always have a snack or two on hand. Fruits like oranges and apples are easy to throw in a bag, of course. But for those occasions where we'll be out and about for a long stretch, I like to bring something cool and refreshing that also has some protein (carried in a convenient insulated tote). My kids go crazy for the @lifeway_kefir ProBugs and they enjoy it with dried apricots. Funny enough, they both prefer the tangy California apricots over the sweet, plump Turkish ones.  I like the ProBugs because they're great for on-the-go (no spoon required), and they're made with organic, whole milk from grass-fed cows. My kids love the flavors (pink is the family favorite) and think the bugs are pretty cute. 

Admittedly, I wish there were a way to decrease the garbage that's generated from products like these. But the convenience factor is hard to ignore. As a compromise, we do our part to recycle and create minimal waste in other aspects of life.