My first 10k

I'm pretty nervous. Tomorrow I'm running in my first 10k event for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. I'm part of the Moms in Training team and just yesterday learned that our group has raised almost $250,000!

I've been a dedicated runner for years (except for a few brief periods when I was unable to either because of an advanced pregnancy or a stress fracture). My preference is to run with my iPod with the music blaring in my ears and I'm a treadmill runner, not an outdoor runner. My ideal distance is 3-4 miles. One of the things that draws me to running is that it's a solo activity. I realize how that might sound, and how nice it is when people like to participate in team sports... I'm just not one of them. Exercise is my quiet time. My "me" time, and I need that. 

Me after our Hill Training workout on Harlem Hill

Me after our Hill Training workout on Harlem Hill

The event will raise money to help find cures and better treatments for lymphoma, leukemia, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma.  The cause is near and dear to me. I set a fundraising goal of $11,000 and am just shy of reaching that goal. If you'd like to support this cause and my run, please click here and accept my gratitude in advance. 

People talk about a runner's high – I get that. My feet and legs move as if on autopilot. The beat of the music propels me forward. At some point in mile two, I start feeling like a rockstar. I sometimes forget where I am in these moments and start singing out loud. Oops. 

Tomorrow's run takes me out of my comfort zone in many ways. I'll be running outside, which I am not accustomed to and the distance is much farther than what I know my body is easily able to do. Luckily, LLS has a whole plan for folks like me, and for people at every level actually. Though today I worry about whether I'm ready for the run tomorrow, I've been diligently following an 8 week training schedule and and I know I'm prepared. I've been visualizing the faces of my family members cheering me on; it's one of the greatest motivators ever.  

For anyone in the NYC area, come to Central Park tomorrow morning, June 8, to cheer on the many people who are running to support this amazing cause!