Feeding the soul and the body - Lunchbox Love Notes

My daughter has had such fun reading through these Lunchbox Love cards from Say Please! One side has a lovely note and the other has a factoid. It's become like a game of telephone in my house... my daughter bounces around popping off trivia and my son repeats them to me (as if I haven't heard them the first time even though I'm standing less than 10 feet away). But somehow there's so much excitement in the minute that transpires from when he first hears the info, that he comes up with fun, new plot twists. "Mama! Caterpillars have bigger muscles than humans!" Hee hee. 

Anyway, the cards have become the very first thing I place into the lunchboxes now and I get pretty excited choosing one, if you must know. They're encouraging, supportive, loving and fun for kids. Did you know that the world's smallest frog is about the size of a Cheerio? Me neither, but that 's a pretty fab fact to have in my back pocket. There are also blank cards inside of each box, for your own little message. I just couldn't choose what to put in today's lunch and so I used two cards. The team behind Lunchbox Love believe that what you take in one an emotional level is as important as what you take in on a nutritional level. I'm on board with that completely. 

For the next 48 hours, you can save 48% on ALL Lunchbox Love cards. It's a fabulous opportunity to stock up on sweet notes, jokes and trivia for your family or as a gift for others. 

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