Leftover Oatmeal? Make Snack Poppers!

Some mornings my kids wolf down their breakfasts and practically race out the door with time to spare and all the enthusiasm in the world. Other mornings, it's a race to get to the breakfast table after some kind of drama (I'm tired! My favorite pants are in the wash! I don't want to brush my hair!) and then we're running and hoping that we won't be late for school.  


Today I'm making the most of a drama morning. I'm reusing what would otherwise be thrown out – leftover oatmeal. My son is a grazer by nature. He loves the concept of a 'work-in-progress' meal. Maybe it's the age. I can't remember my daughter ever being like this but frankly, who can remember? He doesn't have access to food all day, of course, so he has to roll with the punches of regularly scheduled meals and snacks. I'm repurposing his morning oatmeal into a lunchtime snack with these pear and oatmeal snack poppers:

Pear and Oatmeal Snack Poppers with a Bosc pear sandwich

Pear and Oatmeal Snack Poppers with a Bosc pear sandwich

It's really just a fancy name for a spoonful of oatmeal on top of a square of bosc pear with a dash of cinnamon. I've also made a pear sandwich on that plate - something my little guy is wild for. Bosc pears are beloved in my house at the moment and here's what we're doing with them these days.

Confession: I gobbled up about 5 of the pear and oatmeal snack poppers before assembling these on the plate. They're a perfect finger food!