Fave DIY Meals with Kids?

I've come across so many fantastic suggestions for do-it-yourself meals with kids. Some I've tried and some I've tried to remember, but have forgotten. Maybe it's the haze of having a one week old baby in the house. But I'm looking for hands on meal projects to do in the coming weeks with my 6 year old and my 2 year old and the ideas are simply not flowing. Help! 

We just had a 'make your own pasta pouch' dinner... a mild success. Both kids had great fun making the pouches (and I don't dare call them ravioli because those are despised in my house for some reason). But my two year old doesn't like cheese - so the whole adventure for him was in the prep, not the result. He had scrambled eggs when all was said and done. 


Some folks have responded to my question - what are some fun DIY meals with kids? - and for that I am grateful. Many of the responses have mentioned these: 

  • pizza (cheese-less for the little guy)
  • perogies (onion/potato, ground meat, potato/pea, etc,)
  • burritos (doesn't have to be mexican style)
  • stuff your own pitas (falafel and add your own toppings)
  • fritatas (pick your own veggies to throw in)
  • smoothies
  • salads
  • pancakes (breakfast or savory)

I am on the hunt for more ideas - please send them my way! Here's the caveat... my son doesn't eat cheese, my daughter doesn't like cumin and I'm allergic to fish.

As for the pasta pouches, heres the recipe I used - perhaps it can be a fun meal adventure in your house?

  • 1 cup fresh ricotta cheese
  • 1 TB fresh sage, chopped
  • 2 TB  grated parmesan cheese
  • fresh ground pepper
  • optional: roasted sweet potato or butternut squash
  • fresh lasagne noodles, boiled as directed and ready for folding

Mix the cheeses, sage and pepper (and squash/sweet potato, if adding) in one bowl. Place cooked lasagne sheets on a plate and have them ready to assemble.