Family Breakfast and Sick Little Ones

I grew up with family dinners. I'm not sure when it began but for as long as I can remember, my parents, sister and I ate the last meal of the day together and downloaded the day. Now with three kids of my own, I long to provide my family with the same experience but I don't think we're ready yet. My kids are young (the littlest is not yet 18 months) and they eat dinner at 5:15pm. My husband isn't home from work until 7:30, when at least one of my kids is usually already in bed. Their dinner time won't change any time soon, nor will my husband's work schedule and as such, we have made breakfast the family meal of the day. 

There are lots of plusses to this actually. When we're not scrambling in the morning - dealing with the typical mayhem that families with school aged children deal with - we can chat about the day ahead, read some books, acknowledge each other and get excited about routine plans and out-of-the-box adventures. It's genuine together time. 

This morning we all noticed that my littlest wasn't hungry (most unusual for her). Out of nowhere, and for the first time ever, she vomited. Everywhere. Poor thing! But can I tell you? My family *motivated!* Every single person pitched in because we were all gathered around the same table. Within seconds, my son had fetched the paper towels, my daughter picked out fresh clothes for her little sister, my husband cared for our little one and cleaned her up and I got busy cleaning up the mess and disinfecting. Go Team! 

Today will be a long day undoubtedly. It's already been an insanely long morning. Wish us luck that this doesn't become a family barf-o-rama.