Drinks in Your Lunchbox?

Oh, beverages. They are so essential to human existence and also such a hot button issue. 


Between the super size NYC soda ban proposal and the ever popular parent question about giving juice to kids, adding a beverage category to LaLa Lunchbox seemed like something that would incite more controversy than necessary. 

I have friends who "spike their water" with juice (their words, not mine) to keep their kids hydrated. I also know parents who spike their milk with chocolate syrup  to encourage milk consumption. I know those who only serve water and those who allow soda. Like all things parenting, it's completely a personal matter. Some choices are healthier than others but it's not for me to judge.

And so, the entire beverage category has been left out of the LaLa Lunchbox design. It's intentional. Plus, the plethora of options felt a little dizzying. So when you open up  your LaLa Lunchbox app in the morning before camp or school, please remember: any way that works for you, keep 'em hydrated.