Do your kids ask to eat fruits and veggies?

The Rainbow Kit from Today I Ate a Rainbow is a great system that focuses on rewarding children for choosing a rainbow of foods during the day. My kids are definitely more fond of fruit than vegetables so it has been fascinating to see them figure out how to get in their five colors each day, given the parameters of their taste preferences. 

We are thrilled to be giving away a Rainbow Kit to one lucky family and are so excited that Today I Ate A Rainbow has generously provided it for our LaLa Lunchbox readers!

Today I Ate a Rainbow Kit

Today I Ate a Rainbow Kit

The Rainbow Kit helps kids track what foods and colors they eat during the day using brightly colored shape magnets. Initially, my kids fought over who would get to use the star magnets (my daughter won that argument by convincing my son that circles were like car tires and because he loves cars, he should love circles too). This morning, my son had banana pancakes and orange slices. He proudly put his circles on yellow and orange. My daughter had banana pancakes and raspberries and placed her stars on yellow and red. They chatted over breakfast about what they needed to complete the rainbow day. They struggle to complete it some days; my daughter always has trouble with purple and my son always has trouble with green, though I would imagine that will change when summer comes along when plums and honeydew melons are in season. 
I love that the Rainbow Kit incorporates planning and organization. It has also been the impetus for some interesting breakfast conversations: "Mom? If my grapefruit is pink but has a yellow skin, is it in the yellow category? Or is it red?" 

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