Celebrating Dads

In my house growing up, Father's Day was always a big deal. Mother's Day too. It's the kind of holiday that some families celebrate big time and some not so much. We're part of the big time section.

My dad is an involved dad in many ways but he isn't the guy who sashays up to the grill and serves up a meaty feast -- my mom takes care of that. On Father's Day, Dad relaxes, usually on a deck chair, and soaks in some sun surrounded by the mayhem of grandchildren.  At some point in the afternoon, we all gather to open little presents and cards - homemade and store bought. This is how it's always been on Father's Day and since my husband became a father 6 years ago, it's pretty sweet to watch him get into a similar groove (though he quite enjoys the whole grillmaster thing). 

This weekend to celebrate the wonderful contribution of dads everywhere, LaLa Lunchbox is running a half price special on the app. If you know of any dads who might appreciate taking part in their kiddos' lunch planning, please spread the word! 

Happy Father's Day!