Beginning of Summer Madness

Is it me, or is the beginning of summer filled with chaos for everyone? 

Between the end-of-year school events and figuring out the new summer logistics, it's pretty hectic around here lately. Apologies for the lull in blog posts. The cells in my brain are swirling around trying to catch hold of the new schedules: my eldest child is in camp one week from 9-5, my middle child is in camp one week from 1-3:30 and then poof! The next Monday the entire schedule shifts again for a new routine. I had to draw it out to figure out the plan. 

By the time I get it all figured out, we'll be on to the next thing and in the meantime, there are still three lunches to pack, breakfasts and dinners to be made and work to be done. 


We're in the midst of planning a great update for LaLa Lunchbox to coincide with the busy Back to School season so stay tuned for more info about that...