Shout Out to Moms Everywhere

I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mom in 2006 when my daughter was ten days old. That officially makes this my 8th Mother's Day as a mom. Yipee! Happy Mother's Day weekend to every Mom! 

To celebrate Moms everywhere, LaLa Lunchbox is on sale for half off all weekend. The busy moms in your world will love using LaLa Lunchbox to help lessen the load of the morning crunch, and kids everywhere love the fun, colorful monsters and having a voice in what they eat for lunch. 

We are honored to be featured on the App Store in two categories! The first is in the Mother's Day Gift Guide and the second is part of Moms on the Go, within the Mother's Day feature. Thank you, App Store!

And thank you to Moms both old and new, whose tireless efforts, dedication, warmth, intelligence, intuition and smiles help us all power through shiny days and dull ones.

 My mom and my first born - May 2006

My mom and my first born - May 2006