Our new partner, 18 Rabbits!

I like to take my time at the grocery store (both physically and online) to check out new products. I read labels, look at what's placed at eye level and I also like to see what others add to their carts to understand food habits and trends. I discovered the Jr. Granola Bars from 18 Rabbits a while back at my local store because my son absolutely loved the hot pink wrapper on their Chocolate Cherry bar:

18 Rabbits Chocolate Cherry bar
18 Rabbits on LaLa Breakfast

I read the label and voila! No nuts! We gave it a go, and the rest is history. In no time, we had tried and enjoyed all four flavors (Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Cherry, Cranberry Apricot and Mango Strawberry) and they became a mainstay in our snack cabinet. No nuts, wheat, soy, or dairy and no refined sugar! Yes, please. 

I'm so excited to announce that we now officially list all four Jr. organic granola bar flavors in the Food Library of LaLa Lunchbox. My 4 year old goes to a nut-free school and I'm happy that I can pack these in his lunches or bring them at pick-up time as an after school snack without issue. They're also beloved by my 3rd grader and my 2 year old. A multi-age snack? Pretty awesome. 18 Rabbits also has a brand new line of Jr. Granola cereals that we've added to LaLa Breakfast that are delicious and allergy friendly. 

And here's the thing: as I got to know the folks at 18 Rabbits, it was crystal clear that they are sharp, friendly, creative thinkers. This is a mission-driven company that's on top of their game. They mean it when they say their mission is "to make it possible for everyone to enjoy pure, simple, real food that's good for you and tastes good." And to prove it, they donate 1% of all of the bars they make to programs and partners that serve kids affected by food insecurity in their community. 

I'm proud to add 18 Rabbits to our Food Libraries and I look forward to hearing your feedback about their products (here's where you can find them)!

Happy days!